I Love Writer's Block

I love Writer's Block. I know that's a crazy statement but it's true. Getting stuck in a book is maddening. It is a wall that threatens to trap you for eternity, a problem that borders on obsession. My instinct is to smash against it, bull my way through so I can continue the story. But the wall is there for a reason.

The story wants to be better.

I experience writer's block every day, and each time it represents an opportunity to be more creative, to push myself, to be better. I find an element of the story that I hate and it nags against my soul, demanding I change it. Sometimes it's as simple as a character's name, other times it's an entire event. Regardless, it's the story hitting back, refusing the mediocrity of my inadequacy. It wants to be whole, and writer's block tells me its not. Writer's block isn't a barricade. It's an invitation. Embrace it, and your story will find its greatness.

I'm Done!

The first two months of this year have been so busy! My wife had a baby (our sixth) on February 6th, and I've been busy with my Master's classes. Despite the challenges, I've written the entire first draft of my new book in 29 days, that's 2 weeks faster than last year! The series for this year marks a distinct shift in tone, as well as timing. I'm happy to announce that I will be writing and releasing The Age of Oracles this year, and book 1 is now slated for release in the middle of June. I can't wait to release more details and I'll post a title as soon as I work it out. You may have read about the Age of Oracles in my other books, but the story of the betrayer is just beginning.  Is anyone else as excited as I am?!?!

The God Thief is Live!

I'm excited to announce that The God Thief is now live. This title marks the final entry in the Master Thief series. But is it the end of Jack Myst's story? Find out for yourself at Amazon! And just wait till you see what he does at the Necrolith! Feel free to message me on my website or Facebook when you finish. Happy readying! And Happy Holidays!! Here's the book description:

Now infamous for his exploits, Jack Myst is a master thief. As a member of the Thieves Guild he has fought assassins, reavers, and even a devil—but now he faces his greatest challenge yet, the rank of guildmaster. Ascending to the office after defeating Skorn at Margauth, he launches a daring plan, one to steal what cannot be stolen.

A god.

But Skorn has retrieved the fragments of an ancient artifact, and has begun construction on the Necrolith, the beacon of ending. He issues a king’s bounty on Jack’s head, turning governments and guilds against him. Hounded by soldiers and hunted by assassins, it will require all of Jack’s skill to triumph over Skorn.

He couldn't be more excited.

The God Thief is just 4 days from going live!!

It's just four days until The God Thief goes live and I can't wait. This title ends the Master Thief series, and it's such a fitting ending to Jack Myst's story. If you thought the godship was good, just wait until you see what he does in the City of Dawn.

I'm also excited to announce that I'm doing a DOUBLE release party with Chanda Hahn on Facebook. We'll be doing games, giveaways, interviews, and a whole bunch of mischief. Stop by and have a great time with us at 7:00 CST. You can also join the raffle for a chance to win a free Kindle Fire!

Thief in the Myst is now live!

Thief in the Myst is officially live! I'm so excited to give the link for the second book in The Master Thief series. And just wait until you see what Jack does at the Boneyard. Here's the link

Jack Myst infiltrated the Thieves Guild to avenge his mother’s murder, but never expected to find a home. Now a master thief, he grapples with his new identity as he unravels the secrets of the fallen Guildmaster. The trail of questions will lead to a shocking truth, that his foe is a remnant of an ancient race, the very devil of Lumineia.


Seething with hatred and cast out by the thieves, Skorn is not without allies. Forcing an assassin into service, he journeys to the forgotten fortress of Margauth, where a cult worships him as a god. With such an army at his command he seeks a return to power, and two keys that unlock a legendary vault.

The Vault of the Eternals.

Thief in the Myst Cover Reveal!

With a Master's Program and my wife pregnant with #6, life has been crazy. The good news is that I'm still on track for my book release. Thief in the Myst is slated for release on September 27th, which is just a week and a half away! And today I'm excited to reveal the cover for this instalment in the The Master Thief trilogy. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thief in the Myst Release Date

Wow, so much going on. For those that don't know, my wife is pregnant with #6, and I've stepped in to help at home while she's been sick. Fortunately I haven't fallen behind on my Master's Program or my writing. Book #2 in The Master Thief series is slated for release at the end of September. The title is going to be Thief in the Myst. I'll keep you posted, and sorry about the lack of updates!

Next Book Announcement and Audio Book Update

I know it is earlier in the year than I usually post about my new books, but I'm excited to announce that this year I will be releasing a trilogy based on the legendary thief, Jack Myst. The first title will be Thief in the Myst, and is slated for release early JULY. That's a month earlier than past years. I've managed to keep to my accelerated writing schedule and I can't wait to publish it early. 

Regarding the audio releases on Audible, it appears that Impact of the Fallen is currently in the publication queue on Audible, but they are saying it will be published on June 7th. I sincerely apologize for the delay. I'll keep you posted, and post a link here once it's live. Thanks for listening and being so patient!

Audio Book Release for Impact of the Fallen

So, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that White Mage #4 release on Audible got pushed back a bit, and is now scheduled for release May 17th. The good news is that White Mage #5 is scheduled for release on May 31, so you won't have to wait long to listen to the end!

On an unrelated note, the tale of Jack Myst is coming along nicely. In the last few years I've released my first book of they year in August, but this year I want to release it in July. Still working out the details, but it's looking promising. Stay tuned for the announcement regarding the title! 

Me at the Smarter Artist Summit Memorizing 150 Names

So I've debated whether or not to share this video. Partly because it seems boastful, and partly because there is some profanity in the background. I've decided to post it because it was one of the most incredible things I've ever experienced and it would be shame not to share it with my friends. So here it is. This is me at a conference in Austin Texas, where I met 150 people and memorized their names in less than two days. The hosts asked for a demonstration, and Jackie Dana took a video. (The F-word is close to the 9 minute mark if you want to avoid it.) #smarterartist summit.