The Amazon Book Contest

Well, I have officially submitted my book to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. Here is the link to my exerpt that is posted on Amazon. As it is the first contest I have ever submitted something to be judged, I will admit a small measure of unease mingling with my inordinate amount of excitment. The first round they will judge a 300 word pitch, which I will include at the end of this post.
Wish me luck!

My Amazon Pitch for round 1

What if darkness gathered, and became stronger than light?
The worst kind of evil is the one that feels compelled—not to conquer, but to destroy. Such enemies consider race, creed, or nationality irrelevant, harboring only the thirst to eliminate everyone, regardless of morality. It is fortunate that few individuals possess this utter disregard for life, and even less have any sort of power.
            The world of Lumineia is not so lucky . . .
            In the vibrant and driven tale of Elseerian, (105,000 word fantasy novel), a young man seeks his mysterious heritage. Without equal in battle, yet lacking in other skills, he must utilize every asset on his journey through a land divided by fear. As the clues to his lineage unfold, he is also led to a chilling discovery. An enormous army, born of a dark magic, has been created for a single purpose, to drive every living race to extinction. Facing annihilation, many will begin to realize that survival lies in unity, heroism sleeps in ordinary citizens, and the decisions of average people can turn the tide of war.

"For seven days the light will fight the dark, with all races gathered to defend the endless night. If night should fall on the last day, with darkness still undefeated . . . it will be eternal. The end of days will have come and all light will be extinguished forever, never to return . . ."
The Oracle of Lumineia

Finished and edited, Elseerian launches the Chronicles of Lumineia, and is followed by The Gathering, (also completed). Culminating in an explosive and desperate battle for survival, Seven Days is nearing completion. Together, this series is rich with themes of unity, sacrifice, and the incredible power of individual choice.