One of my readers recommended I check out a website called smashwords. Although I have been skeptical of using self-publishing in the past, I was impressed with what the site had to offer. After my preliminary research, I feel like my mind is coming to accept the idea of epublishing. There is a great deal I would have to do if I decided to follow this route. I would need cover art, another review of my first book, and several other things.
To be clear, I am not giving up on being traditionally published. I am confident my books will be accepted and published, someday. The question is when. Currently, I have little time to write, or edit, my novels. Querying agents also takes time. At a guess, I would say I am at least a year or two out from being accepted by an agent. In that time frame, IF I epublished through smashwords, I can only improve my book. Reviews from new readers will help me continue to improve my writing. In addition, if (on the slim chance) I actually sold a lot of books, I could justify taking time off from my other business endeavors to work on my novels more.
Either way, It’s definitely something to consider . . .