4 days left until "The Last Oracle" goes live!!

It's around this time that I begin to wonder if I have done enough. Is the book what I imagined it to be. Are the characters real? Is the world complete? Is there some typo that will catastrophically de-rail the whole story. Then I hear from my beta readers who call me the moment they finished I say it's incredible. I reply by saying thank you, BUT WHERE ARE THE TYPOS!!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank my beta readers for finding several remaining typos and mistakes with my book. I couldn't do it without you!!

Today: I have been doing the dishes and taking care of the kids so my wife can read. (She loves this day.)

Question of the day: When I finish this mini-series, I can move on to a number of different stories. Alydian and the Age of Oracles, The First Draeken War, Jack Myst's story, or Tryton's story are just a few of those I could write. If YOU could choose, which would you like to read first? I hope to write them all at some point, so it just depends which one fits when I finish this mini-series. I would love to have some of your thoughts though!