Descent Unto Dark is live!!

Descent Unto Dark3 low resI am so excited to announce the official release of Descent Unto Dark, book 3 in The White Mage Saga. It is now live on Amazon. I can't wait to hear from my readers regarding this next installment in The Chronicles of Lumineia. Message me on Facebook, send me a Tweet, or post on my website if you would like. Good luck! Here's the book description:

The Dark has been unleashed.

Impervious to mage or man, its almighty power is only matched by its hunger. Unchecked it will devour the planet . . . until even the dawn is extinguished. Human and creature alike will become twisted, beasts slaved to the Dark's will. The leash is held by the Harbinger Master, who requires a simple offering to stay the impending slaughter.

Obedience Absolute.

But the nations of Earth have proven their will to fight, and by revealing magic to them the Oracle has ensured they will. Now she must reunite the mage and human worlds—before the Master retaliates. Facing supreme foes and the end of mankind, she needs allies.

She needs an army . . .