Vocal Draft is Done! 4 Days until Impact of the Fallen is released!

I just finished my vocal draft. It's the last draft I do. Reading it out loud to myself helps me catch lingering typos that have slipped past my beta readers and my editor. There might still be a few, but Impact of the Fallen feels done. Four days and counting until it goes live! For anyone interested, all of my books go through about 12-14 drafts. Among those are an alpha reader draft, a professional editor (who is amazing by the way) and a beta reader draft. I read through my book about 8 times before I publish. I do all of this because I hate reading books that are poorly edited, and assume the same for my readers. In spite of my efforts, a few typos slip through every once in a while. I actually appreciate it when my readers send me a message and let me know they found one. Thanks guys!