The Flesh of War is now live!!

I'm so excited to announce that The Flesh of War is now live on Amazon! It is stunning to think that this is my 11th book in just over 3 years. As the first book in The Warsworn, this trilogy tells the tale of one of greatest warriors in my series. You know him as King Tryton of the rock trolls, but that is not where he began.

Here's the book description:

Forged for combat, the rock trolls have no equal. They train from birth, endure brutal conditioning, and mark their skin with every kill. They have become the very flesh of war, but their history of honor has been forgotten. Now a bounty has been issued, one which calls for the extermination of their race. To survive they must awaken to what they have lost, before their enemies begin to gather.

Born in the midst of a bloody conflict, Tryton bears a heart of peace. His talent will command respect, but his nature is the true weapon. To wield it he must rise to lead them all—without sacrificing his soul. The fate of his people lies with him, but the seeds of destruction have already been sown.

And the harvest has come.