I Love Writer's Block

I love Writer's Block. I know that's a crazy statement but it's true. Getting stuck in a book is maddening. It is a wall that threatens to trap you for eternity, a problem that borders on obsession. My instinct is to smash against it, bull my way through so I can continue the story. But the wall is there for a reason.

The story wants to be better.

I experience writer's block every day, and each time it represents an opportunity to be more creative, to push myself, to be better. I find an element of the story that I hate and it nags against my soul, demanding I change it. Sometimes it's as simple as a character's name, other times it's an entire event. Regardless, it's the story hitting back, refusing the mediocrity of my inadequacy. It wants to be whole, and writer's block tells me its not. Writer's block isn't a barricade. It's an invitation. Embrace it, and your story will find its greatness.