The Rogue Mage is Live!

The Rogue Mage is officially live! This title marks the 17th entry in the world of Lumineia, and the first in the Age of Oracles. Can't wait to hear what you think! Here's the book description: 

With all of magic at her command, Alydian is born to power. She and the other oracles serve the people, guiding kings and commoners with their ability to know the future. Yet despite Alydian’s power she cannot foresee the coming betrayal, for a rogue mage lurks in their midst, and plots an alliance with the mighty guild of Verinai. Under the guise of benevolence the Verinai offer their magic to all, while their expanding reach is noticed by none.

Except the Soldier.

Branded a traitor, wanted for murder, the mysterious man is no ordinary bandit. For six years he has hidden behind a mask, hunting Verinai with his band of Defiant.  But now his war is about to escalate, for he has targeted Alydian to send a message, that even an oracle can be killed. Beset by foes, Alydian will require more than magic to survive, for if she cannot change her future . . .

She will fall to her fate.

You can find it here. Happy Reading