The God Thief is just 4 days from going live!!

It's just four days until The God Thief goes live and I can't wait. This title ends the Master Thief series, and it's such a fitting ending to Jack Myst's story. If you thought the godship was good, just wait until you see what he does in the City of Dawn.

I'm also excited to announce that I'm doing a DOUBLE release party with Chanda Hahn on Facebook. We'll be doing games, giveaways, interviews, and a whole bunch of mischief. Stop by and have a great time with us at 7:00 CST. You can also join the raffle for a chance to win a free Kindle Fire!

Thief in the Myst Cover Reveal!

With a Master's Program and my wife pregnant with #6, life has been crazy. The good news is that I'm still on track for my book release. Thief in the Myst is slated for release on September 27th, which is just a week and a half away! And today I'm excited to reveal the cover for this instalment in the The Master Thief trilogy. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

New Trilogy for 2015! You won't believe who the main character is!

Announcement time! This year I am planning on writing a story both unique and powerful within the Chronicles of Lumineia. Written from the perspective of King Tryton himself, it will detail the story of one of the most legendary of warriors. Rock trolls have always been one of the most interesting races within my series. Their history and heritage are things I've wanted to explore for years, and this trilogy will allow me to do that. Feel free to post your thoughts below!

Assassin's Blade is Live!!

Assassin's Blade low resI am so excited to announce that Assassin's Blade is officially live on Amazon. This prequel novella expands the White Mage Saga, and provides insight into the Swordsman, and Hawk. It is my first novella ever, and I can't wait to see how it recieved. All of my beta readers said it is one of the best things I have ever written. This release kicks of my Nine days of White Mage event. In the next few days I will post teasers and secrets about the history, and end with publishing the final book in The White Mage Saga, The Forge of Light.Here's the Link!

Forge of Light is slated for release on Dec. 18th!

I can officially announce the release date for Forge of Light as December 18th!!! I can't believe this will end my second series in the Chronicles of Lumineia. I've been working on this series for a year and a half, and coming to this point is bittersweet. There's so much to do in the next 13 days. 4 drafts to go, including a beta reader draft and a vocal draft. Also, Assassin's Blade will be released in just FIVE DAYS. I can't believe it. This prequel is so awesome, and writing about the Swordsman is incredibly fun. What do you think? Is he your favorite? Or someone else?

Vocal Draft is Done! 4 Days until Impact of the Fallen is released!

I just finished my vocal draft. It's the last draft I do. Reading it out loud to myself helps me catch lingering typos that have slipped past my beta readers and my editor. There might still be a few, but Impact of the Fallen feels done. Four days and counting until it goes live! For anyone interested, all of my books go through about 12-14 drafts. Among those are an alpha reader draft, a professional editor (who is amazing by the way) and a beta reader draft. I read through my book about 8 times before I publish. I do all of this because I hate reading books that are poorly edited, and assume the same for my readers. In spite of my efforts, a few typos slip through every once in a while. I actually appreciate it when my readers send me a message and let me know they found one. Thanks guys!

Descent Unto Dark is live!!

Descent Unto Dark3 low resI am so excited to announce the official release of Descent Unto Dark, book 3 in The White Mage Saga. It is now live on Amazon. I can't wait to hear from my readers regarding this next installment in The Chronicles of Lumineia. Message me on Facebook, send me a Tweet, or post on my website if you would like. Good luck! Here's the book description:

The Dark has been unleashed.

Impervious to mage or man, its almighty power is only matched by its hunger. Unchecked it will devour the planet . . . until even the dawn is extinguished. Human and creature alike will become twisted, beasts slaved to the Dark's will. The leash is held by the Harbinger Master, who requires a simple offering to stay the impending slaughter.

Obedience Absolute.

But the nations of Earth have proven their will to fight, and by revealing magic to them the Oracle has ensured they will. Now she must reunite the mage and human worlds—before the Master retaliates. Facing supreme foes and the end of mankind, she needs allies.

She needs an army . . .

Descent Unto Dark will be released on Aug. 5th!!!

I finally have a release date, and it is August 5th. I just sent Descent Unto Dark to my beta readers, and when I hear back from them I will make the final changes. It's less than two weeks away but I cannot wait. The cover is done, the book description is wrapping up, and all I have to do is finalize the book. 12 days and counting!