Branford School Visit

Yesterday I had the chance to visit Branford High School in north Florida(And Middle School). What an awesome place to visit! The students were courteous, talented, and ready to listen and learn. The media specialist, Karen, was so passionate about the kids, and is an example of what type of person we want in our schools. The event started with a large assembly, where we got to speak with 600 kids on a variety of topics. I spoke on publishing and stressed how they can get their work published now. Following the assembly, I went to the classroom of Mr. Wingate, who is a supreme example of an awesome teacher. In the smaller setting I had the privilege of speaking to his english students on writing, editing, and publishing. They were attentive, curious, and had excellent questions.

Following the class visit we participated in a book signing in the media center. The kids were great, and came up to me to share their (incredible) artwork, talk about their writing, and other literary interests. There were so many memorable kids I couldn't possibly name them all, but there are a few that I wanted to call attention to. Rachel, thank you for sharing your favorite books. Ashley, thanks for taking so many great pictures of all of us. Bryce, keep writing. I enjoyed reading the sample you brought. Haley, Keep up the awesome artwork. Austin, rock the 'stach! And to the un-named kids that had me wear a lama hat and join them in a selfie, I want a copy.

Thanks Branford for the great experience!

New Smyrna Beach Book Festival this weekend!

I am excited to participate in the New Smyrna Beach Book Festival this weekend. Along with 50 author authors and speakers, I will be there to socialize, sign books, and speak. This is a big event, so I am highly looking forward to it. It will also be my second event with print books and book signing. If you would like a print copy of Elseerian (With illustration) feel free to stop by and grab one. On another note, I have officially passed the 50,000 books sold mark! Who knew my series would come so far, so fast. Certainly not me! Thank you to all my readers for your support!

Anyone need a speaker for a writing group in Utah? I will be there Thursday June 6th!

I am looking forward to an upcoming trip to Utah in early June. I will be attending a wedding on the first weekend, and wanted to see if anyone would like me to stop by their writing group on Monday June 10th. Just send me a message through facebook or my website if you would like. I look forward to sharing some of my experiences!

Come visit me at the Florida Writers Association Spring Conferance

I am so excited for this coming weekend. This Saturday I will be speaking at the Florida Writers Association Spring Conferance. The topic of my remarks will be E-Publishing and Kindle Marketing. Almost a year ago today I heard about e-publishing for the first time. Diving into research I was astounded at the discoveries I made. I took the plunge and uploaded my first book on June of 2012. In just 10 months I have sold 35,000 books and I now write full-time. Throughout this last year I continued to do research, and now find myself in the position to help others. A year ago another author helped me understand the basics of kindle publishing. This Saturday I get to return the favor. If any of my readers happen to to be going to the event send me a message so I know to look for you! You can see the location on my News and Events tab, or visit the FWA website.