Descent Unto Dark Book Release!

I am happy to announce that Book 3 in The White Mage Saga will be released in early August, and the title will be Descent Unto Dark. I have been hard at work finishing this series. I am currently planning on releasing White Mage #4 in October, and White Mage #5 in December to finish it this year. (Those dates are not set in stone yet though.) I also wanted to thank the support from my readers. Lately I have gotten numerous e-mails telling me about how much you have enjoyed my books. Notes like that mean so much to me, and drive me to work ever harder. I am so excited to have so many stories to write, and cannot wait to hear what you all think about the next installment in the series. Feel free to message me with your thoughts, and I will keep you posted with an official release date as it gets closer.

The Sword of Elseerian is Live!

I am so excited to announce that The Sword of Elseerian is officially live. As the sequel to The Last Oracle, this title continues the story of The White Mage Saga. Six months ago I set out to write and edit two books in six months, something I didn't think was possible for me. I set a brutal schedule that was difficult to maintain, but I refused to fall behind. Today I have accomplished what I set out to do. I admit that the accomplishment is bittersweet. I am happy to finally have it done, but I already feel my mind turning to the rest of this series. If all goes well, I will release another three books next year to finish The White Mage Saga by next Christmas 2014. I also wish to express thanks for all the support from my friends, beta-readers, family, and as always, my incredible wife. Don't hesitate to drop me a line when you finish the book!

Help me make Elseerian Free on Amazon

I am excited to announce that I am making Elseerian free on Amazon. It is already free on the Ibookstore, Smashwords, and it will soon be available free on Barnes and Noble. For me to make it free I need everyone's help. To help me, go to the Amazon Elseerian Page and scroll down to the Product Details. Below it you will see a link to REPORT A LOWER PRICE. You will then click Website (online) and insert the following information.URL: Price: FREE Shipping Cost: FREE Date of Price: Insert Todays Date

Amazon won't do this unless a lot of people report this. I would greatly appreciate it if all of you can take a few minutes and help me set Elseerian for free. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! Ben

The Sword of Elseerian Cover Reveal!

Sword of Elseerian Ben Hale coverI am excited to reveal the cover for my new book, The Sword of Elseerian. Slated to be released prior to Christmas, it continues the White Mage Saga and follows The Last Oracle. As soon as I get it back from my editor I will set a firm launch date. Sorry about the late notice, but I wanted to make sure I could hit it with all the holiday activities. Feel free to comment below on what you think about the cover!

The Last Oracle is Officially Live!

After several days of last minute work The Last Oracle is now live. I am so excited to finally be able to release this title. So much time and thought have gone into it, and I can't even begin to express the gratitude I feel for all those that helped me. Wife, family, editor, beta, readers, etc, you know who you are! Thank you! Don't hesitate to drop me a line when you finish it!

The Second Draeken War has won a Literary Palm Award!

Ben Hale Royal Palm Recipeint 2013Over the weekend I stopped in at the Florida Writers Association state conference. At the banquet, I was honored to receive a first place Literary Palm Award for The Second Draeken War. I am so excited to have received it, and would like to thank the support of all my friends that waited at the banquet to see if I had won. You guys are awesome! As soon as I get a graphic set up I will insert it onto the cover of the my original trilogy. Also, on an unrelated note, I believe I have resolved the technical issue that was holding up the book release for The Last Oracle. It should go live later today or tomorrow at the latest. Thanks everyone for your patience!

"The Last Oracle" Releases in 9 Days!

I am excited to announce that the next entry in The Chronicles of Lumineia, The Last Oracle, is slated for release on October 18th. This novel launches a new mini-series that takes place far in the future following the events of The Second Draeken War, and has been hinted at in The List Unseen. Over the course of the next nine days I will post regularly to keep you all up to date on its progress, as well as ask a question. Feel free to answer on facebook, twitter, goodreads, or here on the blog. Today: I am finishing one of my last drafts, and will be sending it to the last group of beta readers this afternoon. Question of the day: What is your favorite character in The Chronicles of Lumineia so far? And why?

The Countdown has begun!

New Smyrna Beach Book Festival this weekend!

I am excited to participate in the New Smyrna Beach Book Festival this weekend. Along with 50 author authors and speakers, I will be there to socialize, sign books, and speak. This is a big event, so I am highly looking forward to it. It will also be my second event with print books and book signing. If you would like a print copy of Elseerian (With illustration) feel free to stop by and grab one. On another note, I have officially passed the 50,000 books sold mark! Who knew my series would come so far, so fast. Certainly not me! Thank you to all my readers for your support!