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The Chronicles of Lumineia

A Timeline Fantasy


     Welcome to the World of Lumineia. Taking place in the same world and timeline, The Chronicles of Lumineia bridges the gap between epic and modern fantasy. In this sprawling series fantasy isn't fiction, it's history. Each of the five distinct series can be read on their own, but collectively they weave together into a vivid plot that crosses thousands of years. Characters cross over and legacies are defined as one story impacts another, until the events don't stand alone. They shape a world. 

     If you're new to the World of Lumineia, welcome! Each series can be read in any order, although Jack Myst, first of The Master Thief series, is a favorite starting point for many readers. One review on audible described Jack as a combination between James Bond and Ferris Bueller.  If you're still trying to decide, feel free to check out the Timeline page under the books tab. Wherever you start, Ben loves to receive messages from readers so don't hesitate to send a message through the Contact tab when you finish a book. 


The Second Draeken War


The White Mage Saga