The end of ABNA

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest is officially over, and the winner was a paranormal drama called Spookygirl. I have to say I was glad for the chance to participate, and enjoyed how far I made it. I am also excited that Amazon has given every contestant a free proof copy for their book. This means that as soon as I finish reviewing it again, I will be able to order an actual physical copy of my book. As I have been working hard on getting my book up to the point I want it to be, I still have a few weeks before I will be ready. My artist is also finishing with the cover art, so as soon as everything is done, I will get the printed copy.

I am especially excited to see how this revision comes out. When I first wrote the book, I focused on getting the story, with all its action and intensity, portrayed in the detail i imagined it to be. The next several revisions were my opportunity to really learn how to write. I used less adverbs. I learned more, and better, verbs. I began adjusting sentence structure to make the writing more appealing. A total of fifteen revisions later, I sit working on my latest focus, character development.

I can't wait until it is completed.